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Hotel Textile Products in Dubai

Our wide range of high quality products and the competitive prices ensure that many reputable hotels and restaurants have chosen our linens from inland and the neighbouring countries. Hotel textile products in dubai is to continually provide the best possible quality for our hotel and restaurant partners at competitve price just as we did in the past years. We are able to fulfill totally unique demands in a vast selection with unique designs and under short deadlines. If you are planning to purchase textile for a hotel, apartment, restaurant or any other hospitality unit, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help you take a good decision. Our professional experience will be the guarantee for you.

hotel textile products in dubai

Terry Products

Our company terry products are widely used in the hospitality industry and are made of 100% cotton. We always ensure good value for money for our customers. We have different colours of towels with different GSM and sizes. See Products Range


The luxurious bed linen are an essential part of the customer experience in hotels. Our range of linen includes everything you need, from pillowcases to bedspreads. You have a variety of different materials and patterns to choose from. See Products Range

Napery Items

Our products bring colour & texture to your dining table with our charming range of napery. Fun and bright or elegant and classic textiles which we can provide can really make your dining table stand out. See Products Range

Customized Textiles

Embroidered Logo

Products manufactured by our company can be customized with embroidery. Besides offering an elegant look to the fabrics, the embroideries also have a practical advantage, they won’t get lost in the laundry. Our embroidered products are used in several hotels and restaurants with great satisfaction.

Embossed Logo

Our terry products with embossed logo have testified to our expertise in many hotels. Besides offering an elegant look to the fabrics, the embossed logo also has a practical advantage, textiles won’t get lost in the laundry. Our products with embossed logo are well-tried in several hotels and restaurants.

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